This is my Blog. I plan on writing on it once a week for at least the duration of my time abroad. For those wondering what I am up to, this is a good place to learn. For those who could not care less, this is a good place to ignore.

I first off want to thank my family for preparing and supporting me on this challenging and long task. I want to also thank my friends and family who I trust and care for me so deeply. Without that support in Winterland, I would never have attempted to come here in the first place. I also am so grateful for those who donated to the BCF in my name. Again, without your support I would not be here. It is strange, this position. I am a paid Volunteer Teacher in Bhutan. We are paid more than the average teacher here, but have to upfront the cost of coming here. We do not break even if you total the cost of living (furnishing a home, food, rent) and travel costs (immunization, flights, travel insurance). This leads to  a group of teachers who are committed to teaching, learning and experiencing all that they can during their stay in Bhutan.

I asked how many teachers applied to this position during the orientation here in Bhutan. Apart from being berated for looking for an ego boost, I was pleasantly surprised. 250 people from the English speaking world were willing to give up their 2014 and come to Bhutan. 80 people were selected for the first interview and 60 people for the second. 18 were selected as new teachers. and of those, 5 are Canadian, 1 is Mexican, 8 are american and 4 are Australian.

Fun Facts about us:

I am the youngest.

There are two house husbands. Both are engineers and have glasses, beards, quit their jobs two years ago to travel, and good senses of hunour.

There is one family of 5 with kids of ages 6, 7 and 9.

We like to laugh.

Our average height is around 6 feet.

We all have previous experience traveling.

The average travel time from North America was 40 hours.

This leads to my next blog about travel later this week.

Mac Walton.



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