(This was written and I thought I posted it before my last post, but peasant internet strikes again! This post was written on May 29)

I have not written a blog for a long time. Before I make any excuses, here are some excuses why I haven’t written in a while:

I have read all seven Harry Potter books over the last month.

The things that at first seemed so foreign and new are no longer new and foreign to me. They are normal.

Writing about what is going on here will not put the Stanley Cup Playoffs on TV.

Bloggin Shmoggin.


For those who do not know him, when I was in Fort Chip, I had a mentor teacher by the name of Brian Dobko. Dobko has been to from Terra del Fuego? (The southern tip of South America) to Griese Fjord (on Ellesmere Island above 72˚ N). He has pretty much been everywhere. In conversation normal with him, he could often bring up things like this one time I was skiing from Jasper to Mount Robson in -25˚C and almost died and this one time I ran a marathon in Kyrgzakhaghanastan and almost died. It was from conversation with him that I learned the truth about travelling and adventures in nature. The worse things get, the better the story. In my short time hiking and hitchhiking, I know this to be true. There is a certain story in NZ that rings a bell. When everything goes according to plan there is no conflict and no story. That is why it has been hard to blog. I’m rambling.



Before I start to ramble, I was thinking this morning that one of the things that one of the most difficult things about being in Tsebar is that there is no one who I can constantly share day to day occurrences with as they happen. Things like, “What the dust just happened? Is that clown really running around with a huge wooden phallus? Are you really expecting me to sit in a multiple staff meetings that are over 4 hours and mostly in a language that I do not speak? You want me to play volleyball in a serious manner when it is raining cats and dogs?” With a couple reminders from people over the internet I was reminded that I have the internet and I can share with all ya’ll whenever I feel like. So instead of pretending that I am doing this all on my own, I am going to begin sharing with you all again. When I tell my students that sharing is caring, they tell me, “No sir, sharing is loving.” I think that sharing is caring is way better because like ‘don’t hate, collaborate’ it rhymes. That is why it is better.


So here are some things.


Students told me I need a haircut because I look like a girl and my hair is not even long.


I gave a student named Sonam Loday a nickname: Han Solo.


I hang my toilet paper on a miniature Canadian flag.


No one here thinks the Tsebar Toothed Tigers is a funny/good sports name.


Everyday PP (kindergarten) and Grade 1 students yell at me all of the English they know. Good Monring Sir! I am Fine! How Are You! I am Fine! Good Evening Sir!


We held a school fundraiser, and I thought it would be a good idea to let local people donate money for a water balloon to through at me. It worked for a while but respect for authority and I think fear that I would beat students if they hit me prevented great success. Most people thought it was demeaning for me…


The students were hysterical when I said students call my dad Mr. Walnut.


I had a student write ‘Thank You Subject Teacher’ on a test I assigned to them. So many things wrong with that.


A math teacher is returning from Maternity Leave and does not have many classes to teach. Each one of my classes has expressed that they want me to continue teaching their classes and I have asked the principal to keep all of my classes. Other teachers think I am crazy and have told me “all work and no play makes Mac a dull boy.”


This is probably true about teaching anywhere, but how well my students do on an assessment drastically changes my mood.


As I was walking to class to give a unit test, a teacher asked me to give up the period so that a Dzongkha test could be given to three sections at once.

Question for my readers: Was two minutes a reasonable amount of warning for me to change my entire days lessons?


I really am in need of vegetables and fruit. ARR you Scurvy dogs.


When it rains dogs fight to see who gets to sleep on my porch. It gets loud.


The general kindness of my students is very high.


Today we were completely distracted by the absolutely stunning view from out my classroom window. It had been raining for about 12 hours and the sun had just broken through. Sometimes I feel like I could be doing much more at other places, but when the sun shines through the cloud, it makes the happy lotus valley greener, shinier, beautifuller, and the view clear as crystal. I remember why I wanted to come here, why I am here and the positive attitude that I usually have. I am lucky because I get to experience what life without running water is like, because I have internet and because I am learning a different kind of discipline.


I promise videos in July!



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